People gather at the site where Fissas was stabbed to death, by man who sympathized with far-right Golden Dawn group, at Keratsini suburb southwest of Athens

Neo Nazis should face ‘Final Solution’

I am liberal on almost every issue and can tolerate almost every group of people. But when it comes to fascists and their ilk all bets are off.
I listened to a heart-rending interview on BBC Radio Five this week when a 73-year-old caller said he would never forgive the Nazi regime after both his parents were killed during the Blitz in London in 1940.
Aged just three at the time he was suddenly orphaned, the man said his life was ruined beyond comprehension as he was led alone from one care home to another for the next fifteen years. His parents were just 28 when they were killed, along with around 40,000 others.
Sadly Nazism doesn’t simply exist in history books; there are a minority of evil weirdos intent on keeping the warped and murderous ideology very much in the present too.
The cowardly murder of anti-fascist hip-hop artist Pavlos Fyssas by far-right extremists in Athens last week has once again highlighted the evil of neo Nazism in Europe.
The 34-year-old, a famous left-wing rapper who used the stage name Killah P, was attacked by up to 30 neo Nazis affiliated to the fascist Golden Dawn party.
He was stabbed twice in the heart in front of his girlfriend and died from his wounds in hospital a short time later.
In response to the cowardly murder of Mr. Fyssas, Greek President Karolos Papoulias said he would ‘not allow any space whatsoever to fascism – not even an inch.’
The Greek chief is right. Fascism is an evil that should never be tolerated, not for a single second. Supporters of Nazism, who would appear to thrive in depressed economies, do not deserve to share our air.
In fact, the world would be infinitely better off if all Nazis, neo and otherwise, were treated to the ultimate Third Reich ‘Final Solution’; rounded up in a shower block and introduced to their hero, Zyklon B gas.

Mayo miss out again

You have to feel for Mayo. The Connacht men have now lost seven straight All-Ireland Football Finals since they last lifted Sam way back in 1951.
They started so well and looked like men possessed for the first twenty minutes or so but after that, even though the score was always quite close, they never really looked like they believed they could pull it off.
Dublin weren’t spectacular but held out for the win, thanks largely to two palmed goals by Bernard Brogan and the most accurate display of kicking ever witnessed in a final from keeper Stephen Cluxton, who gets my vote as the game’s and maybe the season’s MVP.
If ever a county deserved a title it is Mayo – but unfortunately, as the cliché goes, championships are hard won not handed out to good causes, however deserving.
The question now is – after two summers of discontent – can they stir themselves again for another cold winter?

Killing children for god

The footage of the mass shootings at a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya was amongst the most chilling I’ve ever watched.
The scenes of shoppers scrambling in panic as gunfire rings out, during what should have been a relaxing Saturday afternoon at the shops, were truly depressing.
Details are still sketchy, but it would appear that innocent and wholly defenceless men, women and children were executed if they could not quickly prove they were of the Muslim faith.
Somali militant group al-Shabab, linked to al-Qaeda and extreme Islamism, was behind the despicable attack, which, at the time of writing has claimed 68 lives – though that number is almost certain to rise with many still unaccounted for.
Gunmen and gunwomen searched for ‘infidels’ at a location they knew they were sure to find them, an upmarket shopping centre during a busy weekend. They knew too that a few white ex-pat victims, particularly children, would help raise publicity for their deluded cause worldwide.
Reports suggest that random shoppers were asked for the name of the prophet Muhammad’s mother. Those who did not know the answer [Aminah] were apparently shot on the spot – the latest victims to be killed in the name of religion, by extremists, who would purport to know exactly what god desires.
What happened in Kenya is nothing knew of course. People have been killing and killed in god’s name since monkeys first began walking on two legs; Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism all guilty.
The problem with absolute beliefs – like ones in religion and god – is that they can be used to justify almost anything, including mass murder.
It’s okay to shoot toddlers in the head if god told you to do it.

Arthur’s Day

One of the most blatant marketing ploys ever. An invented day, always held on a slow Thursday, to make money for pubs and Diageo, the company that owns Guinness.
Christy got it spot on as usual when he described it as an alcoholiday.
Happy Arthur’s Day!



Loyalist mural is obscene

It was bad enough that loyalists decided to paint over a George Best mural with an homage to UVF killers but now they have caused further outrage by including a Martin Luther King quote beside the image of a masked gunman.
The new mural, at Inverwood Court in east Belfast, replaces one of former Manchester United star Best, which was painted using £1,500 in anti-sectarian funding.
That had caused consternation with many disgusted that Best’s memory had been trampled upon but now loyalists have fanned the flames further by using a quote from Dr. King, a dedicated pacifist, beside an armed terrorist.
The famous line – ‘Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed’ – is painted directly below a UVF symbol.
East Belfast Alliance Assembly member for the area, Chris Lyttle bravely called it correctly when he blasted the mural as ‘perverse beyond belief’.
King was committed to non-violent change and dedicated his life to integration. Obscene then that his words should be used to justify an illegal organisation, which murdered more than 500 people.
Sad but true.

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