Sinead Shenanigans

It's high time Sinead O'Connor hit the headlines for the right reason - her music.

It’s high time Sinead O’Connor hit the headlines for the right reason – her music.

I have always found Sinead O’Connor to be more than just a little odd. She is a hands down great singer [Nothing Compares 2U is one of the most powerful pop songs ever recorded] but she has also – how shall I put this? – managed to make some strange decisions along the way.
In 1992 she ripped into pieces a picture of then Pope John Paul II on US television show, Saturday Night Live. The act, designed to protest child abuse in the Catholic Church, was not a wholly unusual or outrageous one for a rebellious pop star but her subsequent holy conversion a few short years later was more than a little peculiar.
By the late 1990s O’Connor herself had become a member of the clergy after being ordained a priest by the Irish Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church.
God aside, there have been a series of up and down human relationships too, including at least four marriages, one of which is reported to have lasted less than three weeks after a ceremony in Las Vegas.
Never too far from controversy for long, Sinead caused a [social] media storm [yawn] last week after a very public spat with Disney-star gone bad Miley Cyrus, warning the erstwhile Hannah Montana figure that she should be more than simply an ‘object of desire’.
That may have been good advice, however unlikely to be heeded, but I think it’s high time that Sinead hit the headlines for the right reasons – her music.
Though I have to commend her razor sharp wit when responding to Simon Cowell’s ‘offer’ of a slot as guest judge on the X-Factor television show.
O’Connor quipped: “While I do appreciate your invitation to be a judge on X-Factor, sadly I neither have time nor money for the X-tensive facial surgery which seems to be the principal requirement for the job.”

Lesus Christ!

The Vatican has been left highly embarrassed after a new commemorative coin, commissioned to mark Pope Francis’ first year, was released with the word Jesus spelt incorrectly.
Six thousand gold, silver and bronze coins were created by the Italian State Mint but only a handful were sold before the mistake was noticed – with Jesus wrongly referred to as Lesus. D’oh!
You would think that the job description of the person who painstakingly designed and crafted the new coin would have included an ability to spell the word Jesus – but apparently not.
I’d safely say the person behind the gaff must have been struck down by a case of divine perspiration after recognising the dumb mistake!

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