The Bright Side

Cozy up to some wholesome cooking

As the evening light fades and temperatures dip the kids are encouraging me to fall in love with a bowl and a wooden spoon again.
I fell out of love of baking after years of getting up at 5am to create gluten free and ‘everything else free’ food for my young man with autism. I was homeschooling him at the time. He had allergies and bad reactions to shop bought food so I started on a daily basis to keep his diet free from milk, wheat, gluten, corn, sugar, salt, MSG, preservatives, and additives.
Well, you know what they say about too much of a good thing. Yup, after six years of that carry-on I became burnt out in the kitchen and the food didn’t taste great either.
Cooking from scratch and shopping for ‘special’ ingredients was frustrating, time consuming and created leaky purse syndrome. The up side was I learnt a lot about food. I also learnt how to become completely obsessive and how to make things really complicated! I had a shelf full of alternative recipe books, a kitchen full of implements and a freezer full of ‘special’ foods that my man didn’t find so special. Keeping Modley on a ‘free from’ diet was as difficult as keeping me away from a bag of pistachios.
When we moved county and country Cian attended school for the first time. There was a settling in period were my habits in the kitchen were broken. Health foods, special flours etc., and online delivery to Ireland was mega expensive but with my newfound knowledge about food I wanted to keep all the kids healthy and free from those E-numbers, chemicals and strange words on everything in the supermarket. I had to find a way that was much less complicated, stressful and budget friendly.

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