David Moyes, Give Him Time!


Man United fans are a fickle bunch. For years they laughed as clubs such as Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City changed managers every whack about, while the great Sir Alex ran their great club for 27 straight years.
What struck me however on Saturday after the league defeat at home to West Brom was the loud chorus of boos which greeted both players and new manager David Moyes in his THIRD home league game in charge.
Social media was awash at the weekend with irate United fans calling for the manager’s head, phrases such as, “punching above his weight” and “not big enough for this club” were bandied about.
What bugs me is that it took the great Sir Alex, who by the way I believe to be one of the best managers ever, six years before he finally won a trophy.
Now, Moyes may very well turn out to be a failure, but for heaven’s sake give the man a chance.
Nobody is naïve enough to believe that he will be given six years to prove himself, but at the very least he deserves two seasons to stamp his own authority on the team and if they are still struggling at that stage then they may well look for someone else, but not a day before that.

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