Finn Harps, Where do they go from here?


Peter Hutton resigned from Finn Harps last week and quite frankly, it is hard to blame the man for walking away.
Some Harps fans may feel that Hutton just wasn’t up to the job which may indeed be true, but if truth be told the club has been on a steady decline for the last number of years and they look further away than ever from a return to the Premier Division which is essential to the overall survival of the club.
Attendances have deteriorated badly in the last few years and the longer the club remains in the graveyard that is the first division then the numbers going through the gates at Finn Park are not likely to increase any time soon.
No doubt there are plenty of good people working as hard as they possibly can to improve things in Finn Park, but for far too long there has been bad decision followed by bad decision which has had a devestating effect on the club.
The decision to give Paul Hegarty a massive budget to spend on players such as Gary Beckett who hardly kicked a ball for the club almost led to the club going bust.
Whoever decided that 50 euro was too much to pay Seamus Coleman to drive from Killybegs to Ballybofey must be scratching their head now, when they see him playing out of his skin in the English Premier league.
These are just a couple of examples of bad decision making that has had such a massive effect on the club.
Donal O’Brien has been linked with the job in the last few days and I have no doubt that Donal would do a fantastic job but unless he feels that Finn Harps would be capable of at least pushing to get back into the Premier Division very soon then maybe Donal would be better staying where he is!!

Arsene Wenger, Genius!!

He hasn’t won a trophy now for over eight years and has had to endure an unbelievable amount of grief from pundits and even some Arsenal fans about his dealings or non dealings in the transfer market.
What these pundits and so called Arsenal fans have failed to take into account is that Wenger has presided over the club during the transition from Highbury to the Emirates and although he may not have won anything during this time, he has made sure that Arsenal are one of very few clubs in England (Europe even) who are debt free.
He has given Arsenal a tremendous platform from which they can go on and be a super power in England and Europe again.
Remember that this is the man who brought two of the very best players to ever grace the Premier league (Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp) to England and totally revolutionised the game with his wonderful style of play. His signing of Mesut Ozil has been a masterstroke and I wonder what these so called pundits who were calling for his head a matter of months ago are thinking now?
Being an Aston Villa fan, I don’t really care who wins the league title but for football in general it would be great to see the French genius back on top were he belongs.

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