Five beds to reopen in Carn Community Hospital

Concern remains that hospital hasn’t returned to full complement of 46 beds


The Carndonagh Hospital Liaison Group have said that they are ‘delighted’ that five more beds will re-open at the hospital as of next Monday, 21 October.

At a meeting between the Carndonagh Hospital Liaison Group and the Director of Nursing in Carndonagh, it was announced that five beds were to reopen as of Monday next.

The bed situation in Carndonagh at present stands at 24 in the main hospital and 14 in the Alzheimer’s Unit, giving a total of 38 beds.

Following the reopening of the five new beds the position will be 29 in the main hospital with 14 in the Alzheimer’s Unit, for a total of 43.

The Liaison Group said they were ‘naturally delighted’ at the reopening of 5 beds, they still had some concerns at the fact that this number, 43, was three beds less that the total of 46 beds currently covered by the HIQA registration.

Eamon Glackin, the Director of Nursing, was unable to give any indication as to the future of these three beds other than to confirm that the HSE Estates Department was currently assessing the hospital in terms of compliance with the HIQA requirements as to available space per bed.

Other issues discussed at the meeting included increased use of the X-Ray facilities in Carndonagh, other ways to assist the services provided in the Day Hospital, the provision of a licensed stand alone embalming facility and volunteerism.
Volunteerism was identified as a way in which the community could actively contribute to the quality of care provided in the hospital.

Along with the activities coordinator it is planned to further develop the programmed of activities available to residents in the hospital.

The group said: “In that regard we ask anyone who feels that they have a talent for music, painting, reflexology and other social activities, with some spare time once a month or so, to contact any member of the Liaison Group.

“Names can also be left at the hospital. Initially it is planned to develop the provision of a musical schedule.”

The next meeting between the Director of Nursing and the Liaison Group is scheduled for 22 November and there will be a full meeting of the Group before then.

The Group said they will continue to ask TDs and Senator to arrange, as a matter of urgency, a meeting with the Minister for Health to discuss appropriate funding for Carndonagh Community Hospital.

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