Could school uniforms become a thing of the past?


Parents to vote on new policy before the next school year

PARENTS across Inishowen will soon have the power to vote on whether or not they want their schools to have to have a uniform – and if so, what type.

Currently every school, primary and secondary, in Inishowen has a mandatory uniform often with just one specific vendor in a town selling them.
However the new policy could see the introduction of a generic uniform, which could be available at various outlets throughout the country and at a cheaper price. The school badge could also become a thing of the past should the parents decide.

It is expected that the move will divide parents’ opinions as some may feel a connection to the uniform, while others would favour cutting costs where possible.
But Moville councillor Martin Farren, has welcomed the government’s plans to give parents of school children a direct say in school uniform policy – with a view to controlling back to school costs.

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