Childcare costs €16,500 annually – report

Donegal childcare committee report launched in Dublin

page 18 Avril

A new report released by the Donegal County Childcare Committee reveals that parents could be paying as much as €16,500 a year for childcare.

According to the report, typical full-time childcare costs range from €730–€1,100 per month, and a two-child family would spend €16,500 annually on full-time childcare.

Speaking after the report was launched in Dublin last week, Avril McMonagle (manager of the Donegal County Childcare Committee, pictured above) said that the high costs were prohibiting low-income families from entering the workforce.

She said: “Inishowen and Donegal does not have that many high earners and high wage opportunities and so the cost of childcare is in effect keeping people out of the workplace.

“Our report indicates that some 56% of the population here in the low income bracket say that they cannot go out to work.”

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