Almost 30 per cent of babies born by caesarean at Letterkenny Hospital

Breastfeeding in Donegal at second lowest level in Ireland

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DONEGAL’S caesarean rate is almost double the recommendation of the World Health Organisation, new figures from the HSE have revealed.

For the first time the HSE have released information on all the public maternity units in the country, which includes information on Caesarean section deliveries, instrumental deliveries, non-instrumental deliveries, the percentage of episiotomies performed, perineal lacerations and breastfeeding rates on discharge from hospital.

The statistics, which date back to 2011, reveal, at that time, 27.61 per cent of all births in Letterkenny General Hospital are delivered by Caesarean section – more than 12 per cent above the World Health Organisation’s recommendation of a national C-section rate of at most 15 per cent.

27.61 per cent is also the average figure at the maternity units in all 19 Irish public hospitals, with St. Luke’s Hospital in Kilkenny coming out on top and Sligo General Hospital having the lowest level of C-Sections with 19 per cent.

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