Controversial council budget meeting cost €40,000

Disgraceful waste of money blasted

PAGE 5 Donegal County Council Offices in Lifford

DONEGAL County Council’s four day marathon budget meeting cost rate-payers almost €40,000, it has been revealed.

County councillors attended at total of six meetings and workshops to debate the annual budget, which was passed more than two weeks ago.

In a detailed response to a question by Culdaff councillor Bernard McGuinness, who requested a breakdown of the cost of the meeting, County Secretary Liam Ward estimated that Budget 2014 cost the Council just under €37,000.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr. McGuinness said it was a disgrace that it cost so much and that it could have been “over in a few hours”.

“This Budget could have been past in one day and it would have saved the council €30,000,” said Cllr. McGuinness.

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