Donegal County Council passes budget and escapes dissolution

Rena Donaghey

Agreement finally reached at 42nd hour

Donegal County Council finally passed its 2014 budget on Monday night. After meeting for more than 42 hours and having countless adjournments over four days, the casting vote of Mayor Ian McGarvey ensured the budget’s passage and now the dust has begun to settle on a row that could have seen the council abolished.

Not surprisingly, the reaction to the passing of the budget has reflected the same lines of antagonism that dogged the debate in the council chamber with those in favour of the budget remaining that way and those opposing reiterating their views.

Over four days of meetings and adjournments Fianna Fáil, Sinn Féin and some independents opposed the budget and a failure to agree a budget by midnight on Monday could have meant the abolition of the council.

However on Monday after Cllr John Campbell changed his vote, and with Cllr Rena Donaghey (pictured above) absent, councillors were tied on 14 votes against and 14 votes for and Mayor Ian McGarvey used his casting vote to pass the budget.

We spoke with six local councillors this week to get their views on the outcome.

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