Gleneely family hoping for ‘Winning Streak’ this Saturday

Two Inishowen people feature on RTE game show within three weeks

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LAST Saturday night Joseph Harkin became the second Inishowen person in three weeks to win a coveted seat on RTE game show, Winning Streak.

But although Joseph’s name was on the scratch card, it is his brother Paul who owned the lucky ticket, and it will be their sister Mary McDermott who will be taking the famous seat on Saturday night.

Paul Harkin, from Cashel, Gleneely, got the lucky ticket as part of a Christmas present from sister Margaret after she bought it in JJ Kelly’s Supermarket in Carn, but the family decided to put Joseph’s name on the ticket because Paul couldn’t sign it himself.

Mary explained: “Paul couldn’t sign his name on the small space on the back of the scratch card so the three stars sat in the house for a while before we finally told Joseph to sign it. But we couldn’t believe it then it was pulled out.”

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