US business success for Quigley’s Point native

Former Inishowen footballer now president of $90M company

Inishowen's Michael Deery is making waves across the Atlantic.

A native of Quigley’s Point who is flying high in the mortgage marketing business in California has hailed his love of reading and writing, instilled by his mother, as one of the reason for his success.

Michael Deery, the President of Citywide Financial Corp in San Diego, has made great use of social media sites to boost his business.

He points to his mother, retired teacher Ann Deery for giving him his passion for writing.

He said: “Ever since I was a young boy she always made sure we were reading a book or writing a story.

“She taught me to love reading and told me that one day it would serve me well. How right she was.”

Former Inishowen footballer Michael had trials for Liverpool as a youngster before moving to Bournemouth and Barnsley. He emigrated to the US in 1994 to play college football, or soccer as it is known there, and stayed.

He ‘stumbled into’ the mortgage business and after working in a series of jobs Michael finally opened Citywide Financial in 2004.

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