What a load of Bollards!

New Moville road safety measures roundly welcomed

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New reflective bollards, installed at three busy pedestrian crossing points in Moville on Monday, have been roundly welcomed.

County Councillor Martin Farren (above right) said the red and white plastic poles, 3-feet in height and bolted to the footpath, have significantly enhanced the seaside town from a road safety standpoint.

The Labour politician said he has been working on the erection of the Main Street bollards for the past number of weeks after previously securing the different coloured high-grip asphalt and ‘Look Right’ signs, painted onto the road.

Fianna Fail local election candidate Mary McCauley (above left) also hailed this week’s council operation, which, she says, has ‘eased local fears’ and made the Moville crossing points ‘more visible’ to motorists.

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