Illegal dumpers blasted as ‘outrageous cheapskates’

Household rubbish, including a large TV, dumped close to scenic Grainne’s Gap

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Brazen illegal dumpers who have strewn several bags of rubbish, including an old television, in an area of scenic beauty in Inishowen have branded as ‘outrageous cheapskates’.

The rubbish, including large amounts of household food items and empty glass bottles as well as a large TV, has in the past week been dumped along the side of the road at Upper Tullydish, Buncrana close to one of Inishowen’s most stunning areas of natural beauty, Grainne’s Gap.

County councillor Rena Donaghey, who lives nearby, described the incident as shameful.

“I am extremely disappointed to see the amount of stuff dumped along the Green Road on the way to Grainne’s Gap. This is very much an area of scenic beauty and it’s a deep shame that a few people would try to destroy that for the rest of us. It’s a completely outrageous thing for someone to do,” she said.

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