Inishowen sharks play a starring role in new RTE documentary

Peninsula set to feature in flagship television nature series

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Inishowen is set to feature as part of a flagship RTÉ Television nature series, which begins next Tuesday, March 18, running for a total of six weeks.

Now in it’s sixth year, ‘Living The Wildlife’, returns with a fascinating look at our natural world, from sharks off Malin Head to unique dragonflies at Wicklow, all seen through the lens of Emmy award winning cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson.

Episode three, to be screened on Tuesday, April 1 next, centres on the Inishowen peninsula and more specifically on the growing phenomenon of basking sharks in the waters here.

The show hitches a ride with local wildlife ranger Emmett Johnston and his researchers as they attempt to learn more about these elusive marine giants.

Using innovative marine technology, Emmett and his team are attempting to chart the unique migratory patterns of the sharks to discover the reasons behind their continuing visits here.

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