Wild Atlantic Wrong Way!

€400,000 spent on Donegal signs but many are incorrect and confusing

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Inishowen motorists have been left perplexed by the new Wild Atlantic Way signs, which incorrectly state that Malin Head is south of Muff and that Derry is north of Moville.

It seems that a few people over at Failte Ireland and Tourism Ireland may have got their compasses in a twist with many of the newly installed placards causing much confusion.

Despite the fact that Donegal County Council spent €400,000 on the Wild Atlantic Way signs many in the county are completely wrong from a geography standpoint.

From the starting point at Muff, the first 25 miles of the route head directly north but the signs along the way inform motorists that they are travelling south.

On the flip side those driving south from Malin Head toward Muff will see signs telling them they are going north.

One local, who wished to remain anonymous, told this newspaper that the gaff was a ‘complete joke’ and would lead to confusion for visitors coming here for many years to come.

“I understand that the route eventually does start to go south again [after it passes through Malin Head] but it’s just ridiculous to have signs all over Inishowen saying that Greencastle is south of Derry and that Muff is north of Quigley’s Point when the exact opposite is true,” he blasted.

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