‘Drivers who break the law must get the penalty points’

Culdaff road safety campaigner blasts use of court poor box system

Culdaff road safety campaigner Susan Gray, of PARC.

A road safety campaigner whose husband was killed in a collision almost ten years ago has blasted Inishowen judges for continuing to allow people here to avoid motoring convictions and subsequent penalty points by instead making a donation to charity.

Susan Gray, of the Promoting Awareness, Responsibility and Care on our roads group [PARC], says the practice remains widespread across the country despite a law, which came into effect almost three years ago, banning the use of the court poor box for penalty points offences.

“It is not acceptable that drivers are asked to make a donation to the court poor box instead of penalty points and convictions. These drivers are either guilty or not guilty. If not guilty they go free. If guilty they are convicted, get double the penalty points and a hefty fine. That is the law,” she added.

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