New Bishop set to visit Moville next month

Bishop McKeown is ‘looking forward’ to visiting all Inishowen parishes

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INISHOWEN’S new Bishop has said he is coming to the parishes in the peninsula to listen to people and find out how the church should move forward

Speaking ahead of his installation as Bishop of Derry on Sunday at 3 p.m. in St. Eugene’s Cathedral in Derry Bishop Donal McKeown admits he is not coming with ‘some grand plan’ but instead plans to listen.

“The challenge for this diocese is to find out how we as people of faith move forward as a family. And it has to be said sometimes you have to listen to things you might not want to hear.”

Bishop McKeown will make his first trip to Inishowen at the start of next month when he will be confirming children in Moville and is looking forward to visiting the Inishowen parishes as soon as he can.

“I think if you get a feel for the parishes then you get a feel for the parish as a whole. It is not my job to come in and devolve decisions down to the parishes I have to listen to the faith communities.”

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