Council discusses free bus pass problems

‘End discrimination against senior citizens’

1 Swilly Bus departs

Buncrana Town Council is to write to the Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton, asking her to end the discrimination against senior citizens who cannot use their free travel passes on the new Buncrana-Derry bus service.

Cllr Joe Doherty raised the issue at last Monday’s council meeting, saying it was unfair on senior citizens.

“It’s unfair on senior people who were used to going to Derry, but now have to pay, albeit at a reduced rate compared to other passengers.

“Senior people in other parts of the country have free travel, and so should we here.”

Describing it as a huge issue for pensioners, Cllr Nicholas Crossan said that to use their free travel pass to get to Derry, passengers would have to travel on one service to Newtown, and then change to a Letterkenny-Derry service.

“That’s just not realistic,” he said.

“Not allowing the current operator be part of the free travel scheme amounts to an act of discrimination against people in Inishowen.”

Cllr Lee Tedstone said he was glad to see the back of the Lough Swilly service whose buses were not up to scratch.

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