Malin Head dolphins draw the crowds

‘Banba’ and ‘Docky’ put on a spectacular show

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The appearance of dolphins around Malin Head has led to a large influx of visitors to the area.
The dolphins have been especially noticeable in recent days and as a result people are taking advantage of the fine weather and flocking to the area to catch a glimpse.
Ali Farren from Malin Head said that there have been dolphins in the area for a long time but they had never been this obvious.
He said: “We have always had a few dolphins around here, but never this many and this obvious.
“I would estimate that there must be around six to ten dolphins as when we were out yesterday we saw four and then almost immediately afterwards another four.
“But they are visible from land and the vast bulk of the pictures that have appeared in the last few days have been taken from the shore.”
Ali Farren said that the dolphins have provided a great attraction for the area.
He said: “On Sunday the pier was absolutely jammed with people trying to catch sight of the dolphins.
“On Saturday evening there were camera crews and the like from all over here so they are definitely a great draw.”
Local wags have christened two of the dolphins Banba and Docky, perhaps in the hope of emulating the world famous Fungie in Dingle.
Mr. Farren said that the key now was to try and find a way to hold on to the dolphins.
He said: “It is great to see them here but how we go about keeping them here is another question.
“Maybe we should try and get some funding to go to Dingle to find out how they managed it!
“The dolphins we have here would not be as playful as the ones that were here last year, but still great to have about.
“We shall see how long they are here and in the meantime I hope as many people as possible can enjoy their presence.”

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