‘This is an attack on innocent Palestinians’

Moville protest against Israeli attacks planned for tomorrow


A Moville woman who has helped to organise a protest against Israeli attacks on Gaza says the ongoing violence being unleashed on the people there is ‘horrendous’.

Israel’s ‘Operation Protective Edge’ has so far resulted in the deaths of more than 510 people in Gaza, many of them women and children, and 27 deaths in Israel, including 25 soldiers.

Rose Kelly, who has planned a demonstration in solidarity with the besieged Gazans at Market Square, Moville today, said it is almost unbearable to read the accounts or watch the pictures of what is happening in the Palestinian region.

“Turning our heads away from the people under siege and attack is of no use to them, nor will it help stop the carnage,” she said.

“This is not an attack on terrorists, it is an attack on innocent and already abused Palestinians. To say otherwise is a further affront and violation.”

“Even within the dubious standards of war and colonialism, what Israel is and has been doing to Gaza and the rest of Palestine for decades is internationally recognised and condemned as illegal,” she continued.

Rose said people are asked to bring candles, flowers or a key [a powerful symbol in Palestine] to Friday’s Moville vigil, which begins at 2.30pm.

Urging as many people as possible to attend, she added: “Palestine might seem far away in terms of space but human rights don’t stop at borders, they are universal in nature.”