Burt-man who built Dublin’s famous twin-towers says ‘let them stand’

The iconic Poolbeg towers are under threat of demolition.

An Inishowen man involved in the construction of the iconic 207-metre high Poolbeg towers at Ringsend, Dublin, says that the defunct power station chimneys should be allowed stand as a Dublin landmark.

Burt-man Eddie Grant was responding to the ESB’s suggestion this week that the chimneys could be demolished by the end of the year.

“It would be a total shame to have these twin chimneys moved from the skyline,” Eddie told the Inishowen Independent from his home in Dublin. “They should be left standing – they’re part and parcel of the city for over forty years now.”

In 1970 the Burt man was awarded the contract for the installation of the internal brick heat-resistant lining for the 681ft chimney number two at Poolbeg. “That job lasted a year-and-a-half,” recalls Eddie, “and was completed in 1971. It was a big contract and was carried out by a four-man team – three of us were from Donegal.


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