Farren hails ‘fantastic’ community spirit

Moville, Greencastle walkway completely restored and stronger than ever

The storm-damaged Moville shore path is officially one hundred per cent repaired, reopen for business and stronger than ever.

The iconic walkway, along with a similar coastal path at Greencastle, was severely damaged by a combination of strong winds and high tides last January.

With funding secured earlier in the year, works have been ongoing along Lough Foyle during the past few months.

Hailing a ‘fantastic’ community rebuilding effort, local county councillor Martin Farren said repairs to the three-mile scenic walk have been completed at a perfect time.

“We’re delighted that we just got the path completely finished on the eve of the Clipper Challenge event, including the Red Arrows. Greencastle and Moville were buzzing with people and it was nice to have the shore path finished off.”

Farren, who retained his council seat in the local election last May, said the historic path remains a ‘very important part of the infrastructure’ in the area.


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