The Garth Brooks saga: Nobody comes out of it with any credibility


First of all we have the residents, all 360 of them who were able to stop over 400,000 people coming to Dublin and spending millions of euro in the process. Yes okay, I get the fact that they have their rights and they would have to live through five days of mayhem but surely when you buy a house right next to the biggest stadium in the country you are going to know beforehand that you will have to deal with huge crowds in the area at certain times of the year.  For the good of the country they should have accepted the fact that these concerts would be great for the Irish economy and got on with it. Grin and bear it for god sake, its only five bloody days after all.

Then we have the man himself, Mr Garth I’m a greedy so and so Brooks. Yes, I understand that he was annoyed with the fact that he was only going to get three concerts as opposed to five but what about your fans Garth who still had tickets to come and see the three shows you were still permitted to do? What about your fans who forked out fortunes of hard earned money on flights and accomodation to come and watch you perform? You are just another greedy superstar who I have absolutely no sympathy for!  And finally we have the GAA, yes the great GAA who are all about volunteers and amateur sport. The good people at Croke Park are turning over around 55 million euro per year, yet they were still insisting on an extra two nights for the lovely Mr.Brooks. Its not like they really need the money now is it? And people wonder why they get labelled the GRAB ALL ASSOCIATION!


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