Gerry firmly on the road to recovery

Moville shopkeeper adjusts to retirement after serious illness

Local county councillor Martin Farren describes Gerry Lynott simply as ‘Mr. Moville’.

Few in the seaside town would have a more solid claim to the title that the 84-year-old shopkeeper, who recently retired after a serious heart infection almost claimed his life.

A lifelong supporter of Moville Celtic and resident of Montgomery Terrace, a street steeped in the town’s history, Gerry has been a permanent fixture behind the counter of Lynott’s corner shop for almost 78 years.

He had little or no choice but to retire after working until he dropped – quite literally.

“I thought I was able to continue on working until I landed up in Letterkenny. I had to retire then. I suppose you may as well call me a pensioner now!” he smiled.

Sitting by the window of his home last week, he said everything remains a ‘bit of a blur’.

“It seems that I collapsed in the shop one night and ended up in hospital. I was there for a couple of weeks before I remembered anything. Eventually I recovered and woke up one day; I looked around me and didn’t know where I was.”


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