Greencastle pier awarded €350k for pontoons and repairs

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GREEENCASTLE pier has been awarded €350,000 to carry out vital repair and improvement works within the harbour.

Donegal County Council secured the funding this week under two different government schemes.

€150,000 of the funding will be used to repair the existing harbour, in particular piling within the pier which have been badly corroded over the years.

However, the remaining €200,000 will be used for the established of 90m of pontoons and 60m of floating breakwater in the harbour.

Currently there are temporary pontoons in place for yachts in Greencastle however, these more permanent structures will be a new addition to Inishowen’s largest pier.

Local councillor Martin Farren is hoping these pontoons will bring more yachts and people in Greencastle.

“There is massive tourist potential here – we have the facilities there to facilitate these yachts and hopefully when the permanent pontoons are installed it will bring more people to the area. This is a very important industry to the Foyleside of Inishowen.”


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