Love local? Skip Aldi and Lidl


‘Love Ireland? Like Aldi’ goes the advertising catchphrase as the German retailer seeks to emphasise how much Irish produce it stocks on its shelves.

Aldi now claims that around 50% of the products it stocks are Irish, while its mirror image Lidl says 40% of its products are Irish. Maybe so, but their products certainly aren’t local.

You cannot buy Daniel Doherty’s loaves in Aldi or Lidl. Nor Donegal Creameries milk. Nor Grants ham. Nor Greencastle landed fish. Nor locally grown potatoes. Not even the newspaper you are reading.

No, the discount retailers don’t allow any local goods into their stores for fear of interfering with their ruthless – and it must be said successful – business model.

And that deliberate, inflexible policy pursued by Aldi and Lidl is costing not just local jobs in terms of smaller shops that are closing, but also for local suppliers who can’t get their products in through the doors.


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