Time for sunny hiatus

School’s out and everyone is hoping for a heatwave, except for the Spanish boys that dished me out a plate of Paella at the Clipper yacht festival. Diego hails from Barcelona and Anton hails from Madrid but they weren’t missing Spain at all. They live in Belfast now and are very happy that they have left the searing heat behind in their Spanish cities.

“Can you imagine trying to work in forty plus degrees of heat every day?” Diego asked me, shaking his head and moving the paella round the massive pan.

I tried to imagine it and could only agree with them. That kind of heat would be unbearable. Perhaps it’s a case of ‘the grass is always greener on the other side,’ and it sure is greener here with all the rain but the Spanish guys didn’t have a problem with the rain at all. They liked it. Imagine liking rain!


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