Amazing Leah (4) to start school

Born at just 2lbs; now ready for her first day!


As hundreds of young children prepare to start school for the first time next week, one amazing Fahan girl stands out from the crowd.

Leah McLaughlin weighed just 2lbs when she was born more than three months premature almost five years ago. Her tiny life hung in the balance in a hospital incubator for almost two months but next week she will start school as a bright, bubbly and healthy young girl.

Leah’s parents, Danny McLaughlin and Kathleen McGinley, couldn’t be more proud of their little miracle daughter.

“Considering all that she has been through, she is absolutely perfect,” said mum Kathleen.

“She’s great, she’s doing really well. She has come through so much and we are so proud of her,” she added.

Leah was born premature at 27 weeks at Altnagelvin Hospital in October 2009; she hadn’t been due until January of the following year.


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