ESB investigate ‘electrical fault’ that caused thousands of euro damage to Moville businesses

Businesses on Moville's Main Street were affected by the ESB power surge

THE ESB is investigating reports of damage to electrical equipment in Moville after a ‘power surge’ at the town’s electricity plant caused massive destruction to local businesses, the ‘Inishowen Independent’ can confirm.

A number of businesses and homes in a were hit by a problem to their power supply, almost two weeks ago, on Saturday August 2. However, it was not until later until the real extent of the damage was revealed.

Thousands of euros worth of damage was caused to electrical equipment throughout a number of different businesses on Moville’s Main Street.

However, despite initially having played down the reports, the ESB have since confirmed that they are ‘currently investigating reports of damage’ that was done to their customers electrical equipment as a result of the surge.

When asked by the ‘Inishowen Independent’ what caused the power surge, a spokesperson from the Electricity Supply Board confirmed that there was a fault on the electricity line.

They admitted that the power supply to a ‘very small number’ of customers was affected by the fault and that it caused a power outage. However, the ESB stated that the fault has since been ‘fully repaired’ and they don’t ‘foresee any further issues’ to the line.

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