‘This cannot just be another statistic’

‘No Salt Chef’ calls for action as Donegal earns unwanted tag of Ireland’s fattest county

Brian McDermott chefA local culinary expert fears that obesity levels in Donegal will reach epidemic proportions if a collective approach is not adopted to tackle the issue.

Moville chef Brian McDermott says poor diet and poor food selection are the main contributing factors to the growing health crisis.

His comments come after an ‘Irish Examiner’ survey revealed that Donegal is the most obese county in Ireland with more than sixteen per cent of residents here considered to be massively overweight.

“We’re topping the poll for all the wrong reasons here and I fear it could get even worse. We need to start tackling this issue and get that figure down,” he said.

“This cannot just be another statistic; we keep hearing about obesity and poor health increasing but we need to do stand up and do something about it; we need to change that trend now,” he added.

McDermott cut salt out of his diet after being diagnosed with a heart condition six years ago; since then he has garnered national prominence as the ‘No Salt Chef’.

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