Luxury cruise liner leaves local lady at her doorstep

Moville’s Rachael and 900 passengers dock in Greencastle this week

PAGE 5 Boat in Moville

A JAPANESE luxury multi-million dollar cruise ship returned to Greencastle this week, more than two decades after the ship first landed in the seaside village.

But this time, the Crystal Symphony Cruise Liner will also be bringing home one local lady, who has been living and working onboard the ship for almost five years.

Crystal Symphony’s Salon and Spa Manager Rachael Dougal and some nine hundred passengers onboard the ship pulled into the Inishowen village at 8am on Tuesday morning, before leaving around 5pm that evening.

But for Moville woman Rachael it will be a particularly special trip.

“This is the first time that we have docked in Donegal since I have been working on the ship,” said Rachael. “I usually spend long stints away from home – the last time I was home was in April when I had holidays so it’s great to be getting back again four months later, even if it is only for a few hours.”

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