‘Men remain reluctant to check out their health’

Raising awareness of the issues in Carn

Carn Men's Health

A men’s health training day was held in Carn at the end of last month to raise awareness of the issues around men’s health.

Organised by ENGAGE, the National Men’s Training Programme delivered by the Men’s Development Network, the training day was held in Carndonagh Library on Wednesday 23rd July.

The programme that was delivered has been developed by Waterford and Carlow IT, MDN and the  HSE.

Speaking after the event Cathal Monaghan the MDN Facilitator for ENGAGE and Men’s Health and Well Being Programmes in Donegal said that the day had been a great success.

He said: “The programme is organized around the issues affecting men’s health and well being.

“We all know the issues around men’s health, how they are reluctant to look after their health and go and get things checked out.”

“We talked about bringing the programme to where men are. It involves making places like doctor’s surgeries more male-friendly and if men are at cattle markets or football matches then that is where we have to go too.”

The event in Carndonagh was open to the public and Cathal Monaghan said the response they received was ‘very positive’.

He said: “Before the start of the programme we all filled out a feedback form, a pre-evaluation, stating what we hoped to get out of the training day.

“Then at the end of the programme we filled out another post-evaluation feedback form and both were compared.

“The extent that awareness had been raised was great to see.”

The programme was developed over the past number of years after the government responded to concerns about men’s health.

It is hoped that another training day can be organized later in the year.