Mystery as books found bobbing in Lough Swilly

Burt Shore 3

THEY say you can’t judge a book by its cover and that’s certainly been the case in the vicinity of Inch Island in recent days. A large quantity of reference books have been found along the shore at the townland of Carrowen, Burt – directly across the Swilly from Inch Castle. The books – some floating in the water and others strewn on the shoreline – are mostly bereft of their original hardback covers but include old encyclopaedias, religious reference books and numerous lawbooks, some of which date back to Victorian times.

Burt resident Dónal Campbell examined a number of the sodden tomes over the weekend, and says it’s a mystery as to how the books ended up there.

“The books are strewn along a couple of miles of the shoreline on the Newtown side of Inch Lake. I walked along the shore from Farland Point to Ballymoney Head on Friday and came upon dozens of books floating on the water’s edge. The books are slowly but surely breaking apart as the tide pushes them against rocks. This shoreline is too hard to get at for someone to have come here to specifically dump heavy reference books – they must have floated here from elsewhere.”

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