Concerns raised after trees cut down in Fahan

Councillor says large majority of people support move to enhance view from the ‘Lookout’

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Concerns have been raised following the cutting down of a number of trees in the Fahan area this week.

Donegal County Council on Tuesday commissioned the removal of trees close to the Lisfannon Beach entrance in a bid to enhance the view out over Lough Swilly at the scenic ‘Lookout’ corner.

A Fahan resident, who contacted this newspaper on Tuesday, blasted the tree-felling operation.

The man, who did not wish to be named publicly, said the council had acted ‘disgracefully’ by felling the trees, some of which were ‘more than forty or fifty years old’.

Independent county councillor Nicholas Crossan defended the ongoing works however.

A large number of trees have already been cleared away.

Cllr. Crossan confirmed that he had asked the council to remove the trees in order to ‘open up the beauty of Lough Swilly’ after being contacted by a large number of locals.

“I have been inundated by people who have asked me to get those trees cleared away,” he said.

“When you come around the Lookout at Fahan, it has to be one of the nicest views in all of Donegal. However, over the years, trees – which weren’t planted but started to grow wild – began to increasingly block that view.”

Addressing the concerns of those perturbed by the removal of the wooded area, Cllr. Crossan said: ‘what we lose in trees, we gain with a beautiful view’.

“Don’t worry about the trees. We are not anti-environment and we will plant many more trees in the proper fashion elsewhere to make up for the ones that have been removed this week.”

A worker removing trees in Fahan yesterday.

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