Independent Person

Seamus McDaid, Buncrana

page 10 Independent Person Seamus McDaidOriginally from Cockhill but now living in Buncrana, Seamus McDaid has been a member of the Lough Swilly Lifeboat crew for the past two decades.
He is married to Elizabeth with two children, Zoe and Dylan, and works in Topline Fashions, Buncrana.
A successful and dedicated runner, Seamus has been involved with the Inishowen Athletics Club for many years.

Which five words best sum you up?
Athletic, generous, considerate, fair, energetic.

Who was your hero growing up?
It has to be Ian Rush, who played for Liverpool during the 80s and early 90s. He is regarded as one of Liverpool’s greatest ever players and is the club’s all-time leading goalscorer. I remember being first in the queue when he came to Derry to the Crown Paints store, the company that sponsored Liverpool at the time. I got his autograph and I was so happy. It’s the one autograph I still have today.

Favourite film?
‘Good morning Vietnam’ with the late great Robin Williams, who was such a fantastic actor. Also ‘Schindler’s List’, which tells the story of Oskar Schindler, who saved the lives of more than one thousand Polish Jews during World War II.

Favourite book?
Olympic silver medalist Kenny Egan’s book ‘My Story’ was a fantastic read. It tells the story of his return from the Beijing Olympics, where his new-found fame led him to the biggest battle of his life – the battle with alcohol addiction.

Favourite TV programme?
I always like to watch ‘The Good Wife’ – an excellent political and legal drama.

If you were Taoiseach for a day what would you do?
I would make sure that there would be so much money pumped into our health system that Ireland would be an example to other countries on how to supply top class health services. And I would look at abolishing some of the ridiculous taxes that are in place.

Which Inishowen person do you most admire?
John McCarter, from Buncrana. His involvement with McCarter’s factory and Fruit of the Loom brought so much employment to Inishowen over the years. John still works tirelessly for the community through his involvement with the Lough Swilly lifeboat and Fort Dunree.

What has been the high point of your life?
There have been many throughout the years. Getting pitch-side seats in the Nou Camp to watch Barcelona play in the Champions League was something I will never forget.

And the low point?
Giving the Dubs something to smile about after Donegal’s recent semi-final win. I returned to the car after the match in Croke Park only to find it clamped. The Dubs walking past found it extremely amusing and starting chanting – ‘It was a Dub who clamped you!’

Who would you most like to meet?
Brendan Rodgers – so I could blag him for a Liverpool season ticket!

What one remaining ambition would you most like to fulfil?
To see the day that Inishowen AC would have its own athletics facilities, including a running track and clubhouse. That’s something that would help to take athletics here to the next level.