‘The journey is not quite over yet’ – McMenamin

Michael McMenamin

Muff man Michael McMenamin who is the logistics manager with the Donegal team spoke to the Inishowen Independent after the game on Sunday and although he was understandbly delighted, he was keen to stress that the journey is not quite over yet. “The boys were superb today and they were full value for the win but the journey is not quite over yet. There will be another big push for three weeks and we all know that there is still more work to be done,” said McMenamin.

The Muff man plays a key role in the Donegal set up, but with typical modesty he was keen to point out that it is very much a team effort. “Ah look, there is a lot of work to be done on the logistics side of things but as Jim McGuinness keeps saying its very much a team effort here, every link is important and everyone plays their part,” he said.

McMenamin believes that the team spirit among both the players and the backroom staff is something that has really stood to this team and the unbelievable success over the last four years. “There is just a complete focus on football, there is never any rows or that sort of thing, everyone is pulling in the one direction at all times,” said the Muff club man.

The fact that both the minor and senior team have made the final will bring extra cost to the county board, a fact that was not lost on McMenamin. “It will cost a lot for the final but I have no doubt that the people of the county will come out and come together as they have done before and support the boys whatever way they can,” he said.

McMenamin concluded by giving a special mention to Colm McFadden who he felt had been written off too soon by certain sections of the media. “Colm has been written off by a lot of people before the game but my god there is still some life there yet and I was delighted to see him perform the way he did today,” he said.


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