‘Budget delivers no fresh hope for struggling families’

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An Inishowen community spokesperson said Tuesday’s coalition Budget will do little or nothing to lift many local families out of the gloom of financial hardship.

Mary McKinney, co-ordinator of the Moville Family Resource Centre, said many people here will continue to struggle despite the supposed first non-austerity Budget in several years.

“More is still being taken away from families than has been given back,” she said.

“People have already been struggling with charges – property tax, prescription charges, medical card reviews – and now the water charges are coming on board in 2015.  People simply don’t know how they’re going to cope with this,” she added.

Mary claimed that the continuing economic downturn is having a destructive effect on the health of an increasing number in Inishowen.

“Our counsellor has reported a marked increase in people presenting with depression due to economic austerity and a lack of hope that things will get better,” she explained.

“Constant worries about money can have a very detrimental effect on family life.  People are looking for a light at the end of the tunnel and, despite what politicians are saying, they don’t yet see that.”