Carn NCT backlog puts drivers in jeopardy – claim

A local man claims a backlog at the Carn NCT test centre is costing motorists.

An irate local motorist says he was forced to drive without an NCT certificate for six weeks because there were no available slots at the Carn test centre.

The Inishowen man, who wishes to remain anonymous, claimed the testing service is completely flawed and could lead to motorists here being charged with criminal offences as a result.

“If you are stopped by the wrong guard you will end up with a fine and five penalty points for having no NCT, even though it might not be your fault,” he said.

“It’s a completely unfair system, which makes the drivers liable for the failings of NCT centres.”

“The system isn’t able to handle the volume of cars, especially with all the ten-year-old cars and older on the road now having to be tested every year. They will take the money off you but they won’t provide an adequate service,” he claimed.

The local driver said he asked for a ‘cover letter’ proving that he had applied for a test in the interim.

“I rang up and the woman at the NCT centre in Dublin told me there were no dates available. I asked her if I could have a letter sent out to me saying that I had applied for the test – just in case I was stopped by the guards – but she said that they couldn’t do that.”

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