Dry and warm Malin Head last month

Driest September in 81 years with 23 rainfree days

President Higgins visits Inishowen, 12-9-2014

IT was the driest September at Malin Head in 81 years, with just 23mm of rainfall recorded, according to the latest weather statistics released by Met Éireann.

It was also the warmest September weather in Malin Head for eight years, with an average temperature throughout the month of 14.1 degrees Celsius.

There were a total of 16 days throughout the month when there was no rain recorded at the Inishowen weather station whatsoever. However there was a further seven days in the month with less than 1mm of rain at Malin Head, bringing the total of ‘rainfree’ days to 23.

There was also only two days in the month where gale force gusts were recorded at the northerly based weather station.

The best of the weather came at the start of September – with just one wet day recorded in the first 15 days of the month.

Last Tuesday, September 30, was the warmest day at the weather station, with a high temperature of 20.4 degrees Celsius recorded in Inishowen.

The mean temperature for Malin Head for the month of September has increased by about one degree Celsius compared with previous years. Last year the average temperature was 13.4 degrees, while September 2012 was 12.6 degrees Celsius.

The wettest day of September was Tuesday, September 23, when 5.6mm of rain fell in Malin Head.

The average rainfall is more than four times below the average for September in Malin Head. Last year 69.7mm of rain fell throughout the month in Malin Head, while in 2012 there was 139.2mm in the month. The average rainfall for Malin Head’s September months, based on data gathered by Met Éireann over the last 30 years or more, is 96.4mm – more than four times the 23mm which we saw last month.

Meanwhile, the windiest day of the month appears to have occurred on Friday, September 26, when gusts of 40 knots, were recorded at Malin Head’s weather station.