‘Everyone should give blood’

Greencastle man urges people to take the plunge as donation service in Inishowen this week

PAGE 5 Charlie CavanaghA POPULAR Greencastle man has urged everyone who can to give blood, as the peninsula prepares for the arrival of the blood donation service next week.

Coast Guard chief, Charlie Cavanagh has been donating blood for thirty years and he cannot stress the importance of it enough.

“In my work with the Coast Guard you come into contact with causalities and you work closely with the likes of the ambulance service,” said Charlie, Officer-in-Charge of Greencastle Coast Guard.

“All this led me to realise the importance of donating blood and so I started and have continued to do so over the past thirty years.”

Dedicated donor Charlie gives blood on average about three times every year, or every ninety days, if at all possible. However, he admits the criteria for giving blood has tightened up recently.

Through his role in the Coast Guard, he takes every opportunity to encourage others to follow in his footsteps.

“I have tried to encourage people to give blood and in the likes of my own Coast Guard team I have encouraged some of the younger members to become regular donors,” he said.

“I am also very conscious that blood has a very short shelf life and cannot be kept for long periods and this makes it even more important that people donate so that supplies can be replenished.”

He added: “Giving blood is a fairly simple process – I’d encourage as many people as possible to donate blood as it can do a great deal of good.”

The Irish Blood Transfusion Service clinics are coming to Inishowen next week. There will be a clinic at the Inishowen Gateway Hotel, Buncrana, next Monday (6.30-9.30pm) and Tuesday (2.30-5pm and 7-9.30pm). Meanwhile, there will be another clinic at Carn Community School next Wednesday and Thursday between 2.30-5pm and 7-9.30pm.