‘Young drivers must learn to be more responsible’

Inishowen students to get hard-hitting lesson on road dangers

page 10 Road SafetyA Buncrana county councillor has called on young, inexperienced drivers here to become more responsible on our roads.

Cllr. Nicholas Crossan made the call ahead of a two-day road safety event in Letterkenny next week, when hundreds of Inishowen students will learn a hard-hitting lesson about the potential dangers of driving.

Almost three thousand pupils from across Donegal, including those from all five of the peninsula’s secondary schools as well as from Buncrana Youthreach Centre, are set to attend the ‘Donegal Road Safe Roadshow’ in the Aura Leisure Centre next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Now in its seventh year, the roadshow, hosted by Donegal County Council and the Donegal Road Safety Working Group, delivers its shocking message to teenagers using actual victims of road traffic collisions along with emergency personnel and doctors who have attended many tragic incidents.

Local county councillor Nicholas Crossan, who attended the roadshow previously and also plans to go along next week, says the two-day event is about ‘encouraging young people to take more responsibility on the roads’.

He encouraged as many youths as possible to travel to Letterkenny.

“It’s about making sure that they are aware of the dangers on the road so that they treat it with more caution. Many of our young people need to take more responsibility and change their attitudes to driving,” Cllr. Crossan said.

“It’s just as easy for young people to learn good habits while driving as it is to learn bad habits. It’s important that they begin their driving careers cautiously and learn from those more experienced,” he added.

The Letterkenny road safety roadshow will tell the story of how a night out ended in tragedy for a 17-year-old boy, who had just passed his driving test.

Cllr. Crossan said the use of real people rather than actors is particularly effective.

“The message is shocking – but it has to be – since we are trying to save lives. You can visibly see the impact on the young people watching.”

He said ‘all of us’ could be more careful on the road.

“Sometimes none of us are as responsible as we should be,” Cllr. Crossan added.

Brian O’Donnell, Road Safety Officer, Donegal County Council said the roadshow offers young people ‘an opportunity to learn about the consequences of poor driving behaviour’.

“It is a sad fact that almost everyone in this county knows someone who was killed or seriously injured in traffic collisions,” he said.