Inishowen kids stuck in ‘supersized’ classrooms

64 per cent of children in classes with 25 or more

First day at School sept.2013

INISHOWEN PRIMARY school children are being squeezed into overcrowded classrooms as the rise in ‘supersized’ classes continues.

A whopping 64 per cent of pupils are being taught in classrooms with 25 or more children – that’s well above the national average.

Out of these, 26 per cent of the students are being taught in ‘supersized’ classes, which range from 30 to 34 students, while two per cent (70 pupils), are receiving their primary education in classroom sizes of 35 to 39 pupils.

The figures, which come as secondary school teachers today prepare to spend a second day on strike, are in stark contrast to the European average classroom size of just 20.

Former principal and current secretary of the Moville branch of the INTO, Albert Doherty, said the figures are, sadly, no surprise and have been steadily increasing over the past three years.

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