‘If we stick together, we can win this’

Huge crowd expected at anti-water tax rally in Letterkenny this Saturday

Carn protest

Hundreds of Inishowen protesters will join a mass rally against the water tax in Letterkenny this Saturday afternoon.

The demonstration, timed to coincide with the coalition’s February 2 deadline to register with Irish Water, is expected to attract campaigners from every corner of the county.

Anti-austerity campaigner Joe Murphy, who is coming back from work in England for the protest, urged as many people as possible to attend.

“The only way we can win this battle is by getting people to turn out in large numbers against the water tax,” he said.

“It is absolutely vital that people come out onto the streets of Letterkenny, even if they have already attended other demonstrations previously. If the protests start to wane or diminish then the government will take that as a victory for them. People must continue the fight; it is one we can win,” the Buncrana man urged.

Another Inishowen resident bound for Letterkenny, Christina Crumlish said this weekend’s rally will show the government and Irish Water that people remain as opposed to the controversial charge as ever.

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