Turkish hell for Muff mother

AN HEROIC Muff mum has been told by doctors she may not walk properly for two years after being involved in a holiday car crash hell.

Eithne McGonigal P3 Eithne McGonigal 2(pictured) cheated death when a she and her family were involved in a jeep safari car crash in Kusadasi in Turkey on June 11.

Eithne, from Drumhaggart, shielded her daughter Caoimhe when the jeep in which they were travelling in lost control, somersaulting down a mountainside at 60mph.

Fourteen-year-old Caoimhe suffered bruising to her back, neck and wrist, while her mum Eithne suffered four fractures on her pelvis and one on her vertebrae.

She underwent major surgery in Belfast on Wednesday to help her walk again.

But doctors estimate she won’t be back on her feet properly for 18 to 24 months.

Speaking to the Inishowen Independent, yesterday, from her hospital bed, Eithne said: “I think we were very lucky to come away from the accident.

“We’re just so grateful to be back home In Ireland to be with our family.”

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Damian Dowds

Damian studied at NUI Maynooth and worked with Intel Ireland on graduation. Followings stints as a civil servant in Leinster House, and with magazine publisher Ashville Media, he returned to Inishowen to set up the Inishowen Independent in 2007.