Inishowen speeders clocked on National Slow Down Day


One speeder was detected travelling at 76kph in a 50 zone past a Buncrana school on Friday

SOME OF the fastest drivers in the country on National Slow Down were detected in Inishowen, an Garda Síochána has revealed. From 7am last Friday, May 27, until 7am on Saturday, an Garda Síochána and GoSafe conducted a large scale national speed enforcement operation “Slow Down” throughout the country. The country’s highest speeder in an 80 kph zone was detected travelling at 60 per cent over the speed limit – namely 128 kph (approx 80 mph) at Cashel, Carn on Friday afternoon. The same afternoon the GoSafe van, parked at Lisfannon on the main Buncrana – Burnfoot road, clocked another driver travelling at 100 kph in the 80 kph zone there. Meanwhile, there was also another driver detected speeding at 76 kph in a 50 kph zone, passing a school in Buncrana. However it wasn’t just speeding motorists who were caught out on National Slow Down Day. During the speed checks in Buncrana, gardaí also detected two drivers using mobile phones while driving. Another driver was also cautioned by the Buncrana Traffic Corps for having a child unrestrained in the rear seat of the car in the Inishowen town. A total of 176,521 vehicles were checked by an Garda Síochána and GoSafe operators during Operation Slow Down Day with 322 detected travelling in excess of the applicable speed limit. Meanwhile two new speed van zones, around Burnfoot and Bridgend, were launched in Inishowen last Friday as part of an annual review of GoSafe zones. They bring to seventeen the total number of speed traps in the peninsula.