Mary Boyle deserves our justice

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BarrTalk: New documentary must lead to renewed, unhindered Garda investigation

If you do one thing this week, watch ‘Mary Boyle: The Untold Story’, the powerful documentary currently showing on youtube that examines the case of the missing Kincasslagh six-year-old.

Mary, who vanished from her grandparents’ remote farm outside Ballyshannon on March 18, 1977, remains Ireland’s youngest and longest missing person – she will be forty years gone next year.

Many theories that she may have been snatched by a wandering paedophile or an opportunistic sex offender have been put forward and later dismissed, but the new documentary, written and directed by journalist Gemma O’Doherty, claims that Mary was murdered and that her killer was – and still is – close to home.

The film also alleges that political interference meant that the chief suspect was never arrested, with the guards instead instructed to focus their attentions elsewhere. This allegation is strengthened by the fact that it is made on camera by two retired Ballyshannon Garda Station detectives who worked the case.

Chillingly, both detectives are convinced they know the identity of Mary’s killer though they have never been in a position to arrest him. They remain haunted by that fact to this day and appealed to the suspect to hand himself in and give up the location of Mary’s remains.

Those appeals are likely to fall on deaf ears, much like the appeals of Mary’s twin sister Ann Doherty, who along with her distant cousin Margo O’Donnell, has campaigned tirelessly for justice through the years.

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Donna Roddy