Declining sterling sees increase in imported car sales


Northern imports are becoming more and more popular in Donegal

THE RECENT drop in the sterling currency has resulted in more Northern cars being imported into Donegal, the latest CSO figures would indicate.

Last month a total of 428 second hand UK registered cars were registered in Donegal for the first time, with 436 being registered in the previous month of June. This is the highest number of imported cars being registered in 2016.

Similarly in comparison to last year, the number of imports in Donegal has increased by 45 per cent for the month of June, with July noting a 30 per cent increase.

However the rise in the number of local people buying their cars in the North coincides with a rise in the strength of the euro against the British pound.

Last July one euro would have bought you a measly 70p sterling, where as this July, a euro is worth 85p sterling.

The decline in the sterling pound has coincided with the Brexit referendum results on June 23.

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Donna Roddy