Leak leaves residents without water for three days


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By Donna Roddy

FED UP residents and businesses owners are at their wits end after the mains water pipe has burst AGAIN.

Hotels, restaurants, hair salons and coffee shops are amongst a host of businesses affected by the two separate water bursts that occurred last week, lasting three days, on and off.

Mums with small children have also complained that they’ve struggled to get by without water, while another mum revealed she hasn’t been able to wash her child that suffers from a skin condition – and desperately needs to be bathed in water each day.

Donegal County Councillor, Jack Murray, has said ‘enough is enough’ and is calling Irish Water to account.

He said the mains pipe needs to be replaced once and for all because the repetitive bursts are ‘affecting thousands of people’.

Speaking to the Inishowen Independent, he said: “The problem is that these bursts are happening more regularly, it is because the main pipe goes the whole way to Fahan, Burnfoot, Bridgend, Kilea and Newtown. And, if there is a burst along that line then it affects thousands of people. Three days in a row the water has been off. It is not acceptable.”

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Donna Roddy